Can You Combine Dental Implants In Tysons Corner And Crowns?

Do you have a single tooth that really messes up the aesthetics (and health) of your smile? Its damage stands out like a sore thumb and can even cause you dental pain. Have you ever considered replacing this far-gone tooth with a new one? If so, consider getting an implant retained dental crown. This is a replacement tooth that’s secured with the help of dental implants in Tyson’s Corner. Learn more about them by reading below!



Implant supported tooth replacements are new teeth that allow patients who wish to replace their teeth to do so for more than a few years—they can do so for a lifetime!

Your dentist in Tysons’s Corner highly recommends combining implants and your choice of dental prosthetic (in this post we’re covering dental crowns) because implants act as the vital tooth root that’s needed to keep your smile healthy. It doesn’t just work to replace the aesthetic part of your smile—it’s perfect for repairing your smile’s health, too.  Implants will help you find new stability and repair your smile.


When you consider getting implant retained dental crowns to, the very first step that you’ll need to complete is a consultation with your dentist. This way, your dentist can be sure that dental crowns are the best prosthetic to attach to your new implant. Typically, it is because crowns are so versatile and provide a gorgeous tooth replacement.

You can expect your procedure to go something like this:


If more self-confidence isn’t enough reason to get implant retained dental crowns, you might want to consider these other benefits as well:

If you are dealing with a tooth loss and it’s negatively affecting your life, quickly find a solution by partnering with your dentist. Implant retained dental crowns could be just right for you!


Here at Just for Your Smile dental office, we don’t offer our care as a temporary solution. We want our procedures and treatments to last as long as possible, which is why we only recommend the best, highest-quality solutions. Contact us today to learn more about how we may be able to help.

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