How Much Do Porcelain Veneers Cost? Are They Worth It?

Are you plagued by significant flaws in your teeth, such as discoloration, chips, or minor misalignment? You’re not alone. Countless individuals suffer from similar problems, which is why they’re interested in improving their smile’s appearance through cosmetic dentistry. When they visit our office, they may inquire about porcelain veneers in Tysons Corner and Potomac, and some of the first questions they ask are, “How much does the treatment cost? Is it worth the money?” Let’s talk about these important matters.



The cost of porcelain veneers varies from person to person. The total price of the treatment depends on:

When you talk to Dr. Osseiran about your smile goals, he’ll design a custom treatment plan to help you achieve your dream grin. He’ll also provide you with a personalized estimate of the cost of your treatment and help you explore financing options. If you are a member of our Smiles Club, you’ll enjoy a 10 – 15 percent discount off the cost of your treatment.


Admittedly, porcelain veneers are not a low-price cosmetic treatment. However, you shouldn’t let sticker shock hold you back from getting the flawless smile you deserve. The vast majority of people who invest in porcelain veneers have no regrets about their decision. This treatment is a worthwhile investment because:


Dr. Osseiran has a certification in prosthodontics, which means he has an in-depth understanding of how to create dental prosthetics (including veneers) that are both beautiful and functional. He has also been recognized as one of the nation’s top cosmetic dentists. You can be confident that you’re trusting your treatment to a true expert! Our offices have convenient evening and weekend appointments available, so you won’t have to take time out of your typical routine to get the gorgeous smile you want and deserve. Contact us today to schedule your cosmetic consultation.

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