Spotting the Warning Signs of TMJ

The temporomandibular joints (TMJ) are the hinges that connect your jaw to your skull, allowing it to open and close and move side to side.  A special type of tissue called cartilage protects the bones in your jaw, and a rubbery articular disc between the bones acts as a shock absorber. When your TMJ are healthy, your jaw movements should be easy, smooth, and pain-free.

When you have a TMJ disorder — often erroneously referred to as TMJ — you could develop a range of symptoms that only worsen if they aren’t treated. Up to 12% of women, men, and children have a TMJ disorder. Signs that your TMJ is compromised include:

At Just For Your Smile in Vienna, Virginia and Potomac, Maryland, our team of professionals is experts at using state-of-the-art techniques to pinpoint the trouble in your TMJ, resolving pain and dysfunction. 

Other symptoms of TMJ disorders

Because the head, neck, and jaw are all interconnected by muscles, tendons, and nerves, you could have a TMJ disorder, even if you haven’t manifested the classic jaw-related symptoms. Other warning signs that your TMJ needs attention include:

When you come to Just For Your Smile, be sure to tell our dentists about any pain, discomfort, or unusual symptoms that involve your jaw, face, neck, or head. If one of our dentists suspects you have a TMJ disorder, they will conduct a thorough examination to pinpoint the cause of your symptoms. Our dentists and hygienists may ask you about symptoms if they notice any jaw popping or difficulties you have when opening or closing your mouth.

Determining the source of TMJ symptoms

The TMJ is a delicate joint with several moving parts that can become degraded or dislodged. Common causes of TMJ disorders include:

Get relief from your TMJ

Once our dentists determine the cause of your symptoms and TMJ disorder, they may recommend a number of customized treatments. Possible therapies include:

You don’t have to live with TMJ disorders or wait until your symptoms worsen. Call us today at the office location most convenient to you or request an appointment online.

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