The Importance of Teeth Cleaning

If you like the smile you have now, that’s fantastic! But if that’s not quite the case, what would you want to be different?

If you’d like to improve your smile, you might want to start with basic care. A survey by the American Dental Association showed that just over half of adults in the United States made their two suggested professional cleanings each year.

Our teeth are supposed to have regular care so they can last us for the rest of our lives. To get you started down a path to great oral hygiene, keep up with your regular dental cleanings at Just for Your Smile in Vienna, Virginia, and Potomac, Maryland. 

Our warm, professional staff is always ready to assist you in the fight against oral infections and disease that can result from bad oral hygiene.  

The most important part of dental cleanings

Our dentists regularly check for signs of oral disease and infection. Keep in mind that some oral conditions can hide beneath the gumline, or in the back of your mouth, making it difficult, or impossible, for you to treat alone. 

The cleanest clean

Before we schedule a treatment, or a cleaning, we go over your medical and dental histories. Please make sure to tell us of any chronic conditions you may have. 

During your dental cleaning, particularly during a dental deep cleaning, it’s necessary for us to dip below your gumline, and to be safe, we need to know everything we can about your health. 

After a thorough exam and cleaning, we’re better able to see what else we can do to improve your oral health. 

Keep gum disease at bay

Your best chance to avoid gum disease is to keep your regular dental cleaning appointments, as well as staying vigilant with your twice-daily routine of flossing just below the gum line, and thoroughly brushing all surfaces of your teeth. 

Watch for signs of oral cancer

Several types of oral cancers or other cancers can affect the mouth. These ailments can impact your teeth, gums, tongue and other soft tissues, even your lips, throat, and nerves. Tumors can appear in cavities, though they’re normally benign. 

If you’ve used tobacco products in the past, if you normally drink alcohol, or if you’ve been exposed to HPV, you may be at risk for some types of oral cancer. 

We’ll set you up

You’re not alone after your cleaning. Your provider gives you instructions on how to make the most of your cleaning. We can go over what foods and drinks you should avoid, give you oral health safety tips, and answer any questions you may have. 

I’m ready for my close-up

Almost half of the adults in this country have dealt or will deal with periodontal disease (gingivitis). Your dental cleaning can save you a world of trouble, and help you stay ahead of any oral health issues. 

If you’re ready to take better care of your teeth and see the health and smile benefits, call us today or request an appointment online anytime. 

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