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Dental Checkups and Teeth Cleanings – Tysons Corner & Potomac

Maintain Your Healthy Smile

You take care of your smile by brushing and maybe even flossing daily. You don’t need a dental checkup and cleaning, right? You can wait to visit the dentist until you have a problem, right? Wrong! Even with the most diligent oral care at home, you still need to see the dentist twice a year. These appointments are critical to catch dental problems early and prevent future ones from having a chance to develop.

Importance of a Dental Checkup

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At your appointment, the dentist visually examines your gums, individual teeth, tongue, mouth, and throat as well as X-rays of your teeth for any indication of a more serious condition, such as tooth decay or gum disease. To the untrained eye, these signs may be difficult to spot, but our dentists and staff at Just For Your Smile have the experience and training to identify these conditions in their early stages. By catching these issues sooner, we are able to stop them before they cause major damage to your smile. If you wait until you notice a problem, fixing the problem could require much more intensive, and therefore expensive, treatment.

Importance of a Teeth Cleaning

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Let’s not forget that you also get a cleaning at your routine dental appointment, but it’s about more than just refreshing your smile. Over time, plaque can accumulate and harden. Once this happens, only professional tools can remove it. If you come to our office every six months for a cleaning, you help prevent this buildup from causing cavities or gum disease in the future. Your dental cleaning plays an important role in maintaining your oral health in the long term.

Schedule with Us Today!

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Whether you’ve just moved to the area and are looking for a new dentist or you’re overdue for your checkup, contact us to schedule your appointment today! We look forward to seeing you soon and helping you keep your smile happy and healthy for many years to come.

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