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Dental Implant Technology – Tysons Corner & Potomac

Fast, Precise, & Comfortable Dental Implant Care

In order to help our patients replace their missing teeth as quickly and comfortably as possible, Just For Your Smile utilizes a variety of advanced dental implant technology in Tysons Corner and Potomac. The instruments detailed below enable us to thoroughly plan every step of the implant procedure and perform it with extreme accuracy, leading to faster recoveries and a much shorter time between when an implant is placed and when it is actually topped with a restoration. You won’t believe how easy it is to close the gaps in your smile these days!

3D CT Scanning 

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When planning the dental implant placement procedure, we need a lot of information about a patient’s dental anatomy so we can figure out the best way to position their new tooth roots. A typical digital X-ray just won’t suffice, which is why we like to use 3D CT scanning. This approach allows us to create not just a 2D image, but a fully-realized 3D X-ray model of the teeth, jawbone, and surrounding oral structures. It even goes a step further and reveals the location of sensitive facial nerves and blood vessels so we know to avoid them. This image can help us determine the exact site, angle, and depth of an implant root, ensuring that when we actually perform the procedure, success is already guaranteed.

DIONavi Digitally-Guided Dental Implant System

dentist using 3D CT scanning

After using 3D CT scanning, DIONavi allows us to digitally simulate someone’s dental implant placement to determine the optimal way to perform the procedure, which allows for a smaller incision and less discomfort overall. It eliminates the need for messy and uncomfortable impressions, too -- making the whole procedure easier and more precise.

With DIONavi, dental implant placement:

We’re one of the only local dental offices to offer DIONavi digital-navigation implants -- just one of the many reasons we stand apart from the rest in dental implant dentistry.

Want to Know More?

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Dental implants offer a way for someone to get their smile back for life, and thanks to our technology, we’re able to make the process fast and comfortable from beginning to end. Whether you’re looking to replace one tooth or all of them, these instruments will ensure you’ll love your end result and enjoy a smooth, stress-free treatment process.

To learn more about dental implants, our technology, or to get started renewing your smile with a consultation, contact us today.