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Emergency Dentist – Tysons Corner & Potomac

Do you have a toothache that’s been bothering you for several days? Or did you break one of your pearly whites while crunching on some ice? Dr. Osseiran and the team at Just For Your Smile is well-trained in handling all kinds of dental emergencies. We’ll do everything in our power to see you as soon as possible so that we can provide you with the high-quality care needed to save your smile. When the worst happens, contact our offices right away!

How to Handle Common Dental Emergencies

Tooth pain

Some emergencies are caused by sudden physical trauma, such as biting down on something hard or getting hit in the mouth. In other cases, poor dental hygiene will result in your tooth becoming infected. No matter what the cause, it’s essential to see your emergency dentist in Tysons Corner & Potomac as soon as you can. In the meantime, there are often steps you can take to relieve any pain and prevent the damage from getting worse:


You can control the discomfort caused by many toothaches with over-the-counter pain medications. If there’s swelling, you can keep it down with an ice pack. Remember that the treatment for your toothache will depend on the extent of the damage done; sometimes you might just need a filling, but in other cases a root canal is the best option for saving the tooth.

Chipped/Broken Tooth

If there’s any bleeding, hold a piece of gauze on the afflicted area for 10 minutes or until it stops; control any swelling with an icepack. Avoid biting with the damaged tooth, as this can damage it further. In many cases, the tooth can be restored and protected by a dental crown, but sometimes it might need to be extracted if it can’t be repaired.

Knocked-Out Tooth

Find the tooth and pick it up by the end you use for chewing. After rinsing it off, try to put it back in its socket. If this does not work, keep it in a glass of milk, a saline solution, or inside your cheeks until you can get to our office. (Do not put it in a glass of water.) You should see a dentist within an hour to have the best chance of saving the tooth.

Lost Filling/Crown

Sometimes you can temporarily repair a restoration with some dental cement. Otherwise, avoid chewing with the damaged tooth, as it might be sensitive or fragile. Cover any sharp edges with dental wax so you don’t accidentally cut your tongue or the inside of your mouth.

How to Prevent Dental Emergencies

Broken tooth

The Cost of Treating Dental Emergencies

Sports guard

Depending on the type of emergency, the current state of the tooth and the type of treatment needed, the overall cost for your dental emergency can vary. We’ll examine your situation and give you an estimate you can be confident in.

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