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Gum Recontouring – Tysons Corner & Potomac

Show More of Your Smile With Laser Dentistry!

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Have you ever heard of the term “gummy smile?” It’s a common issue people have where gum tissue covers more of their teeth than normal, usually resulting in a smile that’s not as attractive as it could be. If you’re tired of hiding your smile because you don’t like your gummy teeth, consider taking a moment to learn about gum recontouring from Dr. Sam Osseiran and Dr. Sheila Mazhari.

With the help of a steady hand and laser dentistry, they can easily expose more of your smile safely and effectively, all without worry of pain or excessive bleeding. It’s just one of the perks you can expect from laser dentistry. Contact our office to get started on making your smile more visible!

What is Gum Recontouring?

A woman examining the gums of a patient

Gum recontouring is a cosmetic procedure specifically for reshaping your gums to improve the appearance of your smile. Cutting away excessive gum tissue is usually not necessary for periodontal treatment, but it can be used as an aid for periodontal therapy in some circumstances. For the most part however, it’s an ideal procedure for those living with too much gum on the visible portions of their teeth.

Our dentists can easily make your teeth look fuller and more uniform, especially if they are particularly short. If your gum line is not straight, recontouring is typically the best procedure for the job. If you plan on getting other cosmetic procedures at our office, it’s common to have them performed in tandem with gum recontouring as necessary.

How Does Laser Dentistry Help?

A woman receiving a soft tissue treatment via a laser

Laser dentistry is the practice of using highly concentrated beams of energy to remove soft and hard tissue. In this case, a soft tissue laser is used to remove excess gum tissue in a safe, quick and precise manner. Not only does a dental laser accurately remove tissue, but it also does it as painlessly as possible. Unlike other dental tools which require more force and pressure to remove tissue, lasers work to only remove what is necessary.

Because of the precision of soft tissue lasers, your recovery time after surgery is also greatly reduced. It even works to sterilize the area immediately after contact, reduce bleeding and swelling, and remove the need for sutures more often than not. It’s truly one of the most advanced methods of cosmetic gum treatment available in dentistry to date.

What is Recovery Like?

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Because of the efficiency of laser dentistry, gum recontouring can be completed in just one visit. While the recovery time after surgery is greatly reduced through laser dentistry, it’s important that you still avoid sharp foods that could cut into your gums. Stick to a soft diet for the first day or so after treatment as the gums will still be sensitive. If necessary, one of our dentists will recommend you come back for a follow-up appointment to ensure your gums are healing properly. Take all antibiotics as prescribed by the dentist if necessary.

Don’t settle for gum-covered teeth you’re afraid to show off. Contact a cosmetic dentist in Tysons Corner & Potomac to learn the potential your smile has to offer!

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