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Sedation Dentistry: Dental Care That Helps You Relax

Dental phobia is a very common kind of anxiety many people feel when they visit the dentist. We see nervous patients every day, and we’re able to successfully treat them thanks to sedation dentistry. This collection of techniques can help calm a patient’s mind as well as protect them from any discomfort they might feel in the dental chair. If you’re ready to finally take the stress out of your dental care, we can help, so contact us today and ask about sedation.

Oral Conscious Sedation

Woman relaxing with hands behind head

If you could take a pill and stop being afraid of the dentist, would you? With oral conscious sedation, that’s practically what you can do! Dr. Osseiran will prescribe you a pill to take about an hour before your scheduled visit so that by the time you reach our office, you’ll be completely physically and mentally relaxed. Time will seem to fly by, and you’ll likely have little to no memory of your appointment afterward (which is just perfect for some patients!).

Nitrous Oxide Sedation

Dental patient with nitrous oxide mask

Nitrous oxide has been used for well over a hundred years to help soothe anxious dental patients, and it’s so gentle that we can even use it with children. All a patient has to do is inhale the odorless, colorless gas through a small nasal mask, and within a few minutes, they’ll feel their anxiety gently drift away. Once their procedure is over and the mask is removed, the gas’ effects wear off almost immediately, allowing a person to quickly go back to their day.

IV Sedation

Relaxed woman receiving dental care

If extreme dental fear has prevented you from seeing the dentist for years, IV sedation may be exactly what you need to finally get the healthy, beautiful smile you deserve. With this method, a strong sedative is administered via a small injection in the hand or arm, and almost instantly, it will help a patient feel extremely relaxed. Many actually end up falling asleep! This sedation method is so powerful it can also be used to help a patient undergo multiple dental procedures in a single appointment to help save time.

General Anesthesiology

Smiling woman with hands behind head

For a patient who needs extensive dental work and/or oral surgery, general anesthesia will allow them to sleep comfortably through their appointment. They will feel nothing during their procedure, and they will wake up having no memory of what happened. We will keep a close eye on a person’s vital signs while using general anesthesia in order to make sure they are safe the entire time. This approach can also be used for those patients who have mental or physical disabilities that make it difficult to receive routine dental care.

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